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AyaNova Windows single user platform upgrade

These instructions assume the original installation steps were followed without changes, if you had to make changes adjust accordingly.

Expired Maintenance plan

If you do not have an active Maintenance plan you will not be able to update.

1. Backup

Before proceeding, make a backup of the database and the attachment files and store it in a safe place.

If you do not have a fresh backup there will be no way to recover from potential data loss or damage.

2. Stop the AyaNova server

To shut down the AyaNova server cleanly use the AyaNova web app form accessed from Server Operations -> Server State and the menu item Shut down server.

Alternatively you can force close AyaNova using the ctrl-c key combination in the AyaNova launcher window.

3. Download setup file

4. Setup

When you run the setup file, the setup program will ask if you want to overwrite the config.json file during setup:

image prompt overwrite config.json file

The windows single type installation doesn't require editing of the configuration so either choice is valid unless you have edited the config.json file or are not sure in which case the safe option is to select Keep the existing file.

Run the setup file downloaded in the last step and follow the instructions.

Allow setup to Launch AyaNova at the end of setup when prompted.

The login form will open in your browser and after a short delay you should see the page refresh and the new version number be displayed at the bottom of the form.