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Memos in AyaNova are an internal "email" type system for sending messages to other AyaNova users.

Authorization Roles required

Memos are available to all "inside" users of AyaNova regardless of their roles.

(Subcontractor and Customer type Users do not have access to the Memo feature.)

How to access Memos

Memos are accessed in the following ways:

Memos data table

The Memos data table shows all Memos received and access to common data table menu options.

Memo edit form

This form is fully editable when composing a new message, read only when reading and most fields are editable when replying or forwarding.


Select one or more Users here to receive this memo.


The subject line, displays in the memos data table and is used as the link text to open the memo.


Body of the message.


Tags if desired for classification or sorting / filtering purposes.


Wiki is provided for more advanced messaging requirements.

In addition to the common edit form menu options the Memo edit form also has these options:


Used to reply to a memo, will transform the Memo into reply format.


Used to forward a memo to other Users, will transform the Memo into forwarding format. All fields are editable when forwarding.