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A Reminder in AyaNova is a scheduled note to yourself that displays in the Schedule form. It is an appointment or note that is not tied to a particular AyaNova business object.

For example it might be a note to yourself to do a particular task on a date or a reminder that you have scheduled a day off.

Reminders are similar to Reviews however a Review is connected to a specific AyaNova object for follow up related to that object. A reminder is not connected to any particular object.

Authorization Roles required

Reminders are available to all staff (non Customer contact) users.

How to access reminders

Reminders are accessed in the following ways:

  • From the Home navigation drawer Reminders item to open the Reminders data table
  • From the Home -> Schedule schedule form where reminders are displayed

How reminders work


Reminders are part of the AyaNova notification system and the Reminder imminent type notification allows for being notified in advance of an upcoming reminder event. Use this system if you want to be alerted in advance about an upcoming reminder.

Notifications can be filtered by tags so you can set up a tagged filter for a notification about reminders that (for example) are tagged with "notify-me" or "important" only. Reminders that do not need a notification can be left untagged. In this way you can easily control which reminders get notified and which do not.

Reminders data table

The Reminders data table lists all the reminders available and access to data table common menu options.

Reminder edit form

The Reminder edit form has the standard edit form functionality and the following fields:


The required "Title" of the reminder, this field is displayed in the schedule form and in notifications. Put the main topic of the reminder here.

Start / Stop

This is the required starting and ending times for the period covered by this reminder and displays this time range in the schedule form. The start date is also used for reminder notifications.


Notes is an optional field for entering more details about the reminder. Notes do not display in the schedule form, only the Name field so the reminder needs to be opened to view Notes.


Optionally select a color to display in the schedule form for this reminder. This is a way to visually categorize reminders.


Optional tags to categorize reminders and control notification filtering.


Optional wiki control.

Attached files

Optional attachments control.