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Notification system

AyaNova has a built in notification system that alerts Users and Customers to events of interest that occur in AyaNova.

There are two methods of delivering notifications:

  • In the AyaNova application in the Notifications form
  • Email via SMTP server which includes delivery to regular email programs as well as to devices via SMS / MMS gateways provided by Cellular providers.

The in application delivery does not require any configuration however the SMTP delivery method requires configuration of the SMTP server in the System operations Notifications settings form.

Authorization Roles required

Many roles can select this object on other records where approriate. Editing or viewing this object in detail is only available to Users with the following roles:

Full access

  • System operations

Read only access

  • Business administration
  • Business administration - restricted
  • System operations - restricted

How to access notification settings

Notification settings are accessed in the following ways:

Notification settings form

SMTP notification active

This check box switches on or off the entire SMTP notification system at the server.

SMTP server address

The address of the SMTP server to be used for outgoing notification purposes. For example AyaNova does not receive email, only send it.

SMTP server account

This is the email account used to send notification messages. If possible we recommend a dedicated email address specifically for sending notification emails only. Typically this is an email address, for example but some mail servers may have alternate requirements for login credentials.

SMTP server password

The password the SMTP server requires to send email using the SMTP server account address. Note that this password is visible in this form to system operators and the read only roles listed above.

We recommend a dedicated email account used only for sending notifications.

SMTP connection security

Here is configured the type of email network transport security to be used with the SMTP server.

The choices are:

  • None not recommended, not secure, messages sent in plain text could be intercepted and read
  • SSL \ TLS recommended and most secure. Implicit forced security.
  • StartTLS not recommended, negotiated security, may or may not be secure depending on the capabilities of the mail server.

SMTP server port

This is the port that must match the SMTP server's mail port. Most modern mail servers use port 587 which is the current recommended standard port for encrypted mail transmission.

SMTP notify from address

This is the address that will be set as the "from" address and should match the SMTP server account in order to avoid potential spam filtering.

Email address format, for example

AyaNova server URL

The server URL setting is the web address location of the AyaNova server web application (where users log in to AyaNova) and can not be determined automatically by the AyaNova server itself.

This setting is a very important part of the notification system as it's used by AyaNova to create links sent in notification email messages to allow Users to open the originating AyaNova record or report by clicking on the link in the notification message.

This setting should be the same address used by Users to connect to AyaNova from the AyaNova web application minus any page path.

For example if AyaNova login page is accessed by users at you would enter as the server URL here.

Or, for example if your AyaNova login page is accessed by users only internally on your local area network at http://: you would enter http://: as the server URL here.

In addition to the common form menu options the Notifications settings form also has these options:

Send test message

This opens a pop up dialog where you can enter an email address to receive a test notification message. Use this during configuration to ensure the system is working correctly. If there is an error it will be displayed at the top of the form in an error alert box.

Notify event delivery queue

This menu option will open a form displaying a table of all SMTP notification events awaiting delivery.

AyaNova has a queue system that will periodically attempt to deliver items found in this queue.

Normally this would be empty or showing very recent items that are awaiting delivery. You can also delete an item to remove it permanently from being attempted to deliver. These are only pending items, delivered (or failed delivery) items are logged separately in the server job log and removed from the queue automatically.

Operations specific notification events

Operations users should subscribe to several key notifications related directly to system operations:

  • NotifyHealthCheck - a recurring daily notification system "ping" sent out between 8am and 10am once every 24 hours minimum every day which is a verification that the notification system is up and running. If the server is rebooted this will be sent shortly after the server reboot even if this notification was already sent within the last 24 hours.
  • BackupStatus - results of last backup operation
  • ServerOperationsProblem - sent whenever the server encounters any unusual condition or error that could be critical for the continuing operation of the AyaNova server

These are in addition to the normal operations methods of monitoring the health and status of the server such as server logs, metrics, job queue etc.