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Server information

This form shows information required for management and troubleshooting of the AyaNova server. This information is captured at startup of the server.

Authorization Roles required

Many roles can select this object on other records where approriate. Editing or viewing this object in detail is only available to Users with the following roles:

Read only access

  • System operations
  • System operations - restricted

How to access Server information

Server information is accessed in the following way:

Copy support information

This menu option will copy to clipboard all the server logs, diagnostic information as well as the local browser web app logs and diagnostic information and is provided as a short cut to gather up all the important information required for technical support purposes.

Form sections

AyaNova Server settings

Displays the server environment variables

Server environment

Technical information about the AyaNova server host machine.

DB Server parameters

The current PostgreSQL server parameters that apply to the AyaNova database.