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Change password

This form is used to set the password of the currently logged in user.

Authorization Roles required

This form is available to all users regardless of role.

How to access change password

Change password is accessed from the User settings Set login password menu option.

How to use this form

Enter your login credentials and choice of new password and click save to make the change.

You can click on the eye icon to conceal your entry from onlookers.

What is a secure password?

Long, not complicated

Modern security industry best practices around passwords focus entirely on length and not 'complexity' and AyaNova fully supports this by allowing very lengthy passwords and not requiring any special characters.

For an adequate level of security ensure your password is at minimum 15 characters long or as long as you can comfortably remember without writing it down.


We recommend using a lengthy but easily remembered phrase as a password, for example a song lyric, movie quote or a line from a poem that is at least 15 characters or more of words is currently extremely difficult to hack by brute force methods.

There is no security advantage in modern practice to using mixed case, unusual symbols or numbers in your password as brute force hacking techniques try all enterable characters anyway and it just makes the password harder to remember.

It is more secure to have a lengthy password of plain alphabet text than it is to have a shorter one with a mix of numbers and characters.

For example: this password somewhereovertherainbowskiesareblue is far more secure than this password Ab3#@%5 and easier to remember without writing it down.


Make sure you have nothing personal in your password such as a relative or pet's name or relative's date of birth etc.

Properly secured from others

Do not write down your password anywhere unless it's to be immediately placed in a locked fire-proof safe.

In the current climate of hacking and malware we recommend you do not enter your password on any device for safekeeping, in particular do not email it or save it in a document either online or locally unless it's a dedicated password manager utility. Password managers have built in protection from malware interception when using their interface which does not exist in a Word document or an email.

Backed up by Two factor authentication

AyaNova has built in support for the current most secure form of Two factor authentication and we encourage you to use it for all users.

In particular any User account that has the Business administration role (such as the built in SuperUser account) should be backed up with with two factor authentication codes as these roles are extremely powerful and can be used to easily circumvent security by assigning roles to other Users or creating entirely new Users.

Password manager

Many people prefer to use a password manager utility and AyaNova supports password managers by allowing copy and paste in the password field, clearly identifying the fields on the login form as password type HTML field in the page markup so the password manager can detect it to autotype the values and including an "eye" icon that you can use to reveal or conceal the password as you enter it.