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SuperUser password override

In the event that the SuperUser password is lost it can be reset using this setting. Upon booting up the server will reset the current SuperUser User account password to this value.

It should only be used to temporarily reset the password and never left in place as a setting or any user with rights to see the server boot configuration will have the superuser password.


Because several roles are able to view the boot configuration in AyaNova, the most secure way to change the superuser password is by following these steps:

  1. Choose a temporary password just used for this process
  2. Insert the AYANOVA_SET_SUPERUSER_PW value with the temporary password as shown below
  3. Boot up the AyaNova server with this setting in place
  4. Login from the AyaNova web app as the superuser with the temporary password
  5. Change the superuser password to a different non-temporary password
  6. Log out and back in as the superuser to confirm the new password is working
  7. Remove the super user password override configuration setting so that the server won't change it again on next reboot
  8. Restart the AyaNova server
  9. Login as the superuser again to confirm the new password is still working


This setting is not used by default.


AyaNova expects the override password to be provided by a config.json property, environment variable or command line parameter named:


The value specified should be a string used to temporarily override the super user password e.g.: tempsuperuserpassword

Example config.json entry

  ...other properties...
  "AYANOVA_SET_SUPERUSER_PW": "tempsuperuserpassword"

Example command line parameter

ayanova.exe --AYANOVA_SET_SUPERUSER_PW="tempsuperuserpassword"

Example environment variable


set "AYANOVA_SET_SUPERUSER_PW=tempsuperuserpassword"


export AYANOVA_SET_SUPERUSER_PW="tempsuperuserpassword"