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Locale overrides

"Localization" here means the way in which times, dates and numbers are displayed and interpreted by AyaNova.

Localization is separate and distinct from the Translation feature of AyaNova which is used to set the text displayed in the user interface.

AyaNova relies on the web browser to provide the language and time zone to be used automatically.

These settings in turn determine how time, date, currency and numbers are displayed and interpreted when typed in.

Rarely if ever should there be a need to override the browser's defaults as they generally come from the device's operating system and should be most appropriate for the user and device already.

If necessary, these override settings will replace the browser provided defaults for use in AyaNova.

When to override

Ideally you should never have to override language or time zone; the browser should automatically provide the correct settings for the user based on their device and operating system.

If a change is required it's best to try to set it inside the browser using the Browser's own settings first before using the settings below in AyaNova as a last resort.

Where to override


Locale overrides are set in the User settings form.

Language code override

The Language Code controls how the browser displays and accepts Numbers, Date and time values.

The default value for this setting is obtained from the browser's language setting. If more than one language is set for the browser the first language is used.

When no override setting has been made by the user this form displays the currently in-use default value in light gray text below this field.

This setting is provided for the purpose of forcing a browser to use a different one of it's installed languages than the default. Unless you have a specific reason, it's best to leave this field empty and accept the browsers default language or make adjustments in the browser's language settings rather than here.

If no language can be determined from the browser and no override has been set AyaNova will default to English USA - "en-US".

NOTE: This is a separate and unrelated setting to the users Translation setting which controls the set of customizable text used by AyaNova to display to the user.

Choosing a Language code

To get started choosing a language code (a.k.a "Language Tag") here is a helpful guide from the standards body:

Time Zone override

The required Time Zone setting controls how date and time values are displayed, accepted for input and very importantly converted to local time from UTC time. Wikipedia has a helpful list of time zone database codes

This value must be the "database name" value, for example: America/Denver or Australia/Sydney.

If no value can be determined from the browser, and no override has been set, the default Time Zone used is America/New_York.

Currency code (required, not an override)

currency code

Browsers do not have a default currency code (at time of writing) so this is one setting that must be set by the user.

Currency code is set in the same User settings form where the language code and time zone overrides are located.

The Currency Code controls how currency values are displayed and accepted for input in AyaNova. The code must be one of the 3 character alphabetic ISO 4217 active currency codes This value is required and cannot be determined from the Browser itself. If no setting is made the default value is "USD" for dollar symbol $.

Some other common currency codes are: "EUR" - Euro, "GBP" - Great British Pound, "CAD" - Canadian dollar, "AUD" - Australian dollar.