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Report render browser path setting

This optional setting sets the full path to the Chromium web browser executable that is used by AyaNova to render reports.

If not set, AyaNova will attempt to automatically download a copy of Chromium to a .local-chromium folder under the AyaNova executable folder on first report rendering.

This setting is typically not required to be set.


Default is empty / not set.


AyaNova expects the report rendering browser path to be provided by a config.json property, environment variable or command line parameter named


The value specified should be a string containing a fully qualified file path to the Chromium browser.

Example config.json entry

  ...other properties...
  "AYANOVA_REPORT_RENDER_BROWSER_PATH": "/usr/bin/chromium-browser"

Example command line parameter

ayanova.exe --AYANOVA_REPORT_RENDER_BROWSER_PATH="/usr/bin/chromium-browser" )

Example environment variable


set "AYANOVA_REPORT_RENDER_BROWSER_PATH=o C:\Program Files\Chromium\chrome.exe"


export AYANOVA_REPORT_RENDER_BROWSER_PATH="/usr/bin/chromium-browser"