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API error codes

The AyaNova API will return an error response when an error condition arises.

All API error codes are numbers between 2000 and 3000 and are intended to be consumed by software clients or for reference purposes for developers.

API error codes are distinct from server error codes which are intended for AyaNova system operators and related only to the running of the server itself.

Here are all the API level error codes that can be returned by the API server:

2000 API closed - Server is running but access to the API has been closed to all users
2001 API closed all non OPS routes - Server is running but access to the API has been restricted to only server maintenance operations related functionality
2002 Internal error from the API server (HTTP STATUS 503), details in server log file
2003 Authentication failed (HTTP STATUS 401), bad login or password, user not found
2004 Not authorized (HTTP STATUS 403) - current user is not authorized for operation attempted on the resource (insufficient rights)
2005 Object was changed by another user since retrieval (concurrency token mismatch). A record was attempted to be saved but another user has just modified it so it's invalid. (first save "wins")
2006 API closed to allow migration from v7 using V8Migrate utility, SuperUser only login
2010 Object not found - API could not find the object requested
2020 PUT Id mismatch - object Id does not match route Id
2030 Invalid operation - operation could not be completed, not valid, details in message property
2040 Not enough inventory - too few parts in stock to complete operation
2200 Validation error - general issue with object overall not valid, specifics in "details" property
2201 Validation error - Field is required but is empty or null
2202 Validation error - Field length exceeded. The limit will be returned in the message property of the validation error
2203 Validation error - invalid value. Usually an type mismatch or a logical or business rule mismatch (i.e. only certain values are valid for current state of object)
2204 Validation error - Customized form property is set to required but has an empty value
2205 Validation error - Required property is missing entirely. Usually a development or communications error
2206 Validation error - A text property is required to be unique but an existing record with an identical value was found in the database
2207 Validation error - The start date must be earlier than the end date
2208 Validation error - Modifying the object (usually a delete) would break the link to other records in the database and operation was disallowed to preserve data integrity
2209 Validation error - Indicates the attempted property change is invalid because the value is fixed and cannot be changed
2210 Child object error - Indicates the attempted operation resulted in errors in linked child object
2211 Validation error - Field set required by customization is empty or null
2212 Validation error - Attempt to set multiple contracted Units on work order (only one allowed per work order)