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Report templates

Report templates are used to generate reports from business object data.

AyaNova features a built in report editor where existing report templates can be customized or new ones created.


Report templates can be selected in AyaNova in the following places:

Authorization Roles required

Many roles can select this object on other records where approriate. Editing or viewing this object in detail is only available to Users with the following roles:

Full access

  • Business administration

  • Business administration - restricted

Read only access

  • none

How to access report templates

From the Administration navigation drawer select Report Templates navigation item.

Report templates data table


The Report templates data table lists all the Report templates that are entered in AyaNova and provides access to common data table menu options.

How report templates work

Reports are tied to business object types so when a user clicks on the Report menu option within the form for a particular type of business object all reports available for that type of object will be listed. Since reports can be restricted to only users with specific roles, all reports may not be available to all users.

Reports are available to both lists of a type of object (for example Customers list) and single edit forms for that same type of object (for example the Customer edit form). Stock reports are designed to work with both lists and single objects.

When a report is selected the AyaNova server will use the report template in conjunction with the object type and records selected to render the report into a .pdf file at the server and send back a link to the AyaNova web app which will trigger it to open the .pdf file in a new browser window. This means you must enable opening popup's in your web browser for your AyaNova server. Normally this will be a prompt in the browser the first time you attempt to view a report.

If the browser was told not to allow the AyaNova server 'site' to open popups then it will need to be re-enabled in the browser by editing the site specific settings to allow popups in order to use the report rendering feature.

How exactly to do this is browser specific but typically it's a "Site setting" somewhere in the Settings user interface for that browser.

How to modify report templates

If you have the required authorization role, when you select the Report menu option there will be additional buttons allow editing of existing reports or creating completely new reports in the Report template editor.

Report rendering speed

Report rendering is the most resource heavy operation that the AyaNova server must do.

The number of records selected to report and the amount of memory, disk speed and available CPU% at the server directly relates to how long the reports can take to render. You can speed up rendering lengthy reports with a large number of records by breaking them down into smaller chunks.

For example, reporting on a month at a time rather than a whole year at a time of records by filtering the data table being reported.

If a report takes too long to render and goes over the configurable timeout setting you will receive a timeout message instead of your report and should further limit the amount of data selected or, if report rendering speed / timeouts is a recurring issue, we have report rendering timeout tips specifically for the I.T. system operator responsible for AyaNova server maintenance who may need to adjust the timeout configuration setting or provide more resources to the AyaNova server to alleviate the problem.

How to Import and Export report templates


Report templates can be exported to text files by opening the report template in the Report template editor then selecting the Export menu option.


Report templates are imported from this report templates data table