Purchase Orders grid

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Purchase Orders grid

Purchase Orders are created via the Purchase Order grid's New... New1 menu option in the Inventory navigation pane




View an existing Purchase Order by selecting the purchase order number under the Purchase Order Number column for the PO you wish to view





The Purchase Order grid displays columns regarding the purchase order as a whole – such as the PO Number,  the Purchase Order Status and the Ordered Date.


This grid does not display other columns referring to the actual parts ordered as a Purchase Order could be for multiple Parts. Instead view the Purchase Orders (items) grid.


Note that you can also localize labels to display whatever you want - see also: Localize field labels


And you can set what columns you want to display in the grid - see also: Setting what columns display in a grid



Security Group internal object: Object.PurchaseOrder


Forbidden: User of that security group can not access the Purchase Order grid nor entry screen
Read Only: User can view the Purchase Order grid and entry screen but can not edit
Read/Write: User can view the Purchase Order grid, and create and edit existing

Read/Write/Delete: User can view the Purchase Order grid, and create and edit and delete existing (if not yet ordered)



PO Number

Displays the PO Number

Select to open the PO's entry screen


Displays the Vendor who the PO is ordered from

Select to open the Vendor's entry screen

Reference Number

Displays the Reference Number entered in this PO

Purchase Order Status

Displays the present Purchase Order Status

Ordered Date

Displays the Ordered Date


Displays the Expected Date


Displays the selected Project this PO is for

Select to open the Project's entry screen

Drop Ship To Client

Displays the client selected for this PO as a whole

Select to open the Client's entry screen

Record Created

Displays the date this PO was first created

Record Created By

Displays who first created this PO

Record Last Modified

Displays the date this PO was last modified

Record Last Modified By

Displays who last edited this PO

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