Part Requests

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Part Requests



The Part Requests grid screen displays parts that have been requested via service workorders, showing whether ordered or not, so that you can see at a glance if a Purchase Order is needed to be placed for part requests.


For example: at the beginning of each day (if you normally order once a day) filter the Part Requests grid by those that do not have a PO number. If any records show, you will then know to create a PO for that wholesaler and order the requested parts


Part Requests will also display within the Purchase Order via the Part Requests List menu option so you can easily select what you do want to order from part requests. If you do not wish certain columns to display in the grid, just right-click on the column heading to bring up a list of all displaying columns and uncheck it.


Note that you can also localize labels to display whatever you want - see also: Localize field labels


The Part Requests that show in this grid are from parts you have requested via a service workorder. See Part Requests subgrid of the service workorder for more details.






Part Requests grid field columns

Part Warehouse

Displays warehouse name

Select to open Warehouses subgrid

Part Name

Displays part name

Select to open Part entry screen

Part Number

Displays part number

Select to open Part entry screen


Manufacturer Number


Service workorder number

Select to open the service workorder where this part was requested from


Indicates if the workorder is itself closed or not

Record created

Date part was requested


Wholesaler for this part

Select to open vendor entry screen

Wholesaler Number

PO Number

Number of PO this part was ordered on

Ordered From

Wholesaler actually ordered from

Select to open vendor entry screen

Ordered Date

Date PO was ordered


Date PO is expected to be received


Quantity requested via the workorder


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