Workorder Categories

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Workorder Categories


What’s it for:


Workorder Categories are used to categorize the service workorder as a whole.  This is useful for both filtering the Workorder grid and for generating management reports that are filtered by category.  A category can be anything you want it to be.  


For example: AyaNova may be used by a service business with different departments who want to see management reports based on each department separately such as an Internet department, a network department, an in house repair department. Three Workorder Categories may be created - "Internet Service", "Onsite Network Service", and "In-house Service". By selecting the specific category in the workorder, it will allow you to easily filter by the category in the Service Workorder grid so that you can run reports such as how much labor hours each different department billed out this month, what the response time from creation of the workorder to completion was for each department, etc.


Workorder Categories are optional in AyaNova.


The sample workorder categories in the AyaNova sample database are just that - examples only. You can enter whatever workorder categories you wish.



How to access the Workorder Categories subgrid:


accessed from the SubGrids menu bar in the main navigation pane menu bar


via the jump button within the workorder header in a service workorder, quote or preventive maintenance item





Where selected:


Workorder Category is selected within the workorder header for a service workorder, quote or preventive maintenance item

See also:

Workorder - order header


displays in the Service grids, Quote grids and PM grids.


available from reports from Service Workorders, Quotes and Preventive Maintenance orders



You will note that the categories listed in the trial AyaNova are for a fictional computer service company. You are not restricted to using only these categories. You can edit existing which would affect all orders where this category was previously selected; you can delete existing (if not selected within orders), and you can create new categories for selection.


Security Group internal object: Object.WorkorderCategory

Forbidden: User of that security group can not access the Workorder Category subgrid at all
Read Only: User can view the Workorder Category subgrid but can not edit it.
Read/Write: User can access the Workorder Category subgrid, view and edit

Read/Write/Delete: User can access the Workorder Category subgrid, view and edit and delete