What is the Generator?

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What is the Generator?

The Generator checks every 5 minutes to see if an event has occurred that it is supposed to do something about.


Events could be:


Preventive Maintenance order ready to generate to a service workorder

User notifications

Client notifications


For example, if you have subscribed to a notification so you are notified whenever a customer service request has been made, the Generator will check to see if there has been any made every 5 minutes. If it finds a new customer service request, it will start the process to ensure you get notified.


Another example, you have a Preventive Maintenance order that is set to automatically create a workorder for a specific client every two months starting next month 7 days before the work is to be performed so that the scheduled user sees it on their schedule. The Generator will do this - will create the workorder exactly when it should as well as automatically reset the PM for its Next Service Date.



If using a network configuration of AyaNova, you must install and configure the network Generator service.



If using the default stand-alone AyaNova installation, an internal Generator runs automatically and you do not install the network Generator service.


Note that the internal Generator will run and only check for events if:

The AyaNova program is itself running

The AyaNova program was run in a new session (i.e. if you Log Out and log back in, the internal stand-alone Generator will not run. You must have Exit out of AyaNova and run AyaNova)

The user is not logged in as the AyaNova Administrator account

The user logged in is a member of a security group with full rights to preventive maintenance and workorder objects



You can see that the default stand-alone single computer configuration Generator is running successfully because it says so in the bottom left-hand corner:






This message ONLY shows when logged in to AyaNova in a default stand-alone single computer configuration. It does NOT show for a network configuration of AyaNova.


Internal generator message ONLY shows when logged in NOT as the AyaNova Administrator