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View saved on exit

When you exit out of AyaNova, the following you were viewing in the Schedule screen will be saved for your AyaNova username.


Day(s) viewing - If the user is viewing a single day and that day is today then it will open next time to whatever day is current when it's opened.


On the other hand if a user is viewing more than one day or a day other than today then it will open next time on that same date window.


If viewing random dates (dates not consecutive) by having used the CTRL key and mouse to select, the saved view will be the entire range from earliest to the latest random date.



Time Line or Regular view - If you were viewing the Schedule screen using the TimeLine menu option when you exited out of AyaNova, the Time Line will be displaying for the day you were previously viewing.



Schedulable User Group selected - the Schedulable User Group last selected on exit will be the Schedulable User Group showing when you next log in.



Do note this is one reason why it is recommended that each person logging into AyaNova have their own AyaNova username, so that only your settings are saved on exit and not overwritten by another that is logged in as the same username.