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The Parts sub-screen:

Identifies parts and their quantities to be used in service (tech to take onsite) and/or parts that have been used in service.

Identifies serial numbers of parts

Maintains inventory

Identifies discount to be applied from client/unit contract or via manual entry

Request parts if not in stock (and be automatically notified when the part is received into inventory)

Identifies order status of parts requested

Create new parts

Generate unit from part


If you do not want the Parts subsection to show in the entry screen for users of a certain security group, just set the security group Object.WorkorderItemPart to Forbidden



The Parts sub-screen will display two areas if applicable

1.the Parts subgrid subsection

2.and the Part Requests subgrid subsection- note that the Parts Requests subgrid does not show until at least one part is requested to be ordered via this workorder.


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