Outside Service

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Outside Service



The Outside Service sub-screen:

Identifies and track information regarding the unit sent out for repair such as RMA number, related dates, who shipped to and via, and possible charges


If you do not want the Outside Service subsection to show in the entry screen for users of a certain security group, just set the security group Object.WorkorderItemOutsideService to Forbidden



Fields of the Outside Service subsection:


Sent To


Drop down list where you select the organization that the unit was sent to.  This can be a manufacturer (warranty) or another repair organization.  Clicking on the manufacturer or repair centers hyperlinks above the Sent To drop down list allows you to quickly enter new organizations or view information about the presently selected.


RMA Number

This field is used to enter a tracking number supplied by the repair center that the unit is being sent to.  In many cases this would be referred to as an RMA number or Authorization number and is the number usually required when inquiring with the repair center about the status of a unit sent to them.


Repair Cost

This field would be used to indicate the internal costs involved.  


Repair Price

This field would be used to indicate the charges to the client for repair of the unit if applicable.  


Sent Via


This is used to select the shipping company used to send the unit for repair.  New vendors can be added via the Sent via hyperlink above this list which will take you to a screen where you can add / edit new vendors and also look up phone numbers and other contact information if the shipper needs to be contacted.


Tracking Number

This field is used to enter the tracking number provided by the organization responsible for transporting the unit.  Typically this would be a waybill number.  The field is provided as a reference field in case the shipper needs to be contacted about the delivery.


Shipping Cost

This field is used to indicate the internal costs involved in shipping the unit.


Shipping Price

This field is used to indicate the charges to the client for shipping of the unit if applicable.  


Date Sent


This is the date the unit leaves your organization.


ETA Date

This would be the estimated time unit will be returned back to your organization for informational purposes.  

Entering an ETA date allows you to quickly see via the Items grid which items are overdue for return and follow up on them.


Date Returned

This would be the actual date item returned. Setting this allows you to filter by the Items grid on this column also with Date Sent column to see what units are still not yet returned.



A typical use might be to indicate specific notes about the shipping.