QBI Installation

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QBI Installation

It is always recommended to read through all instructions first, and than perform the actual steps



1.Requirements before proceeding


Do not proceed until you have answered yes to each of these requirements:



a.Do you have a compatible QuickBooks program installed and operational on the local hard drive of your computer - with the latest QuickBooks service patches applied?

U.S. QuickBooks 2007 version on through to the latest 2017 version

Canadian editions QuickBooks 2008 and newer versions

UK editions of QuickBooks Pro and Accountant Editions 2008 and newer versions

newer editions of QuickBooks versions then those listed above are also expected to be compatible with no issues - if you have an issue, check Common Issues & Messages for known resolutions


Australian QuickBooks QBi 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012 and QBi 2012/2013


b.Do you have the latest QuickBooks service patches applied to your QuickBooks?


c.Have you confirmed that while in your QuickBooks program, you can successfully open your company data file?

the QuickBooks company data file can be located either on the local hard drive too, or it can be located on another networked computer.



d.Have you downloaded the Intuit QuickBooks required QBFC7_installer.exe from http://www.ayanova.com/download.htm under Other AyaNova Related Downloads ?

And have you installed it successfully?



e.Is your AyaNova database licensed for QBI?

Select main menu Help -> License

If the Registered To: shows "unregistered trial", request a temporary 30 day key so you can fully try out QBI

orequest 30 day temp key for full AyaNova

orequest 30 day temp key for AyaNova Lite

If your Registered To: shows your company name, then just further down in your license information also check to see if QBI is listed as one of the licensed plugins.

oIf not yet licensed, request a temporary key to fully try out QBI


f.Do NOT install QBI to a 64bit computer that also has the network AyaNova Generator nor the ToMSSQL installed.

oQBI is compatible with 64bit computers - just NOT on a 64bit computer where you also have network Generator and/or ToMSSQL installed.

oQBI only should be installed on workstations that will actually run the QBI optional add-on, NOT onto your server with your networked database.




2.Install AyaNova and QBI via the AyaNova installation file.


a.Run the AyaNova installation file AyaNovaSetup.exe, and select QBI where indicated to install to your local hard drive





Refer to the AyaNova installation steps in the AyaNova Help file for installing AyaNova either for single stand-alone use or for networked use if you require additional assistance.


Do note that if you have already installed AyaNova, just run your AyaNovaSetup.exe file again,  selecting the same installation, and select to install QBI. All this does is replace the existing program files previously installed, plus what you additionally select.


Make sure you have AyaNova closed if installing again


When asked if you want to overwrite the config.txt, select No.


NOTE: if you get a message such as below about replacing a file, this is occurring because you have something running. Click Abort, and then check to make sure you do NOT have the AyaNova program running, nor any of the import/export utilities, and check Services to make sure that the AyaNova Generator is shut off while installing, and IIS to shut down the Default Web Site and AyaNovaDP (the data portal) if installed. Then run the installation again.



b.The QBI program file will be installed to C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova\plugins\QBI



3.QBI uses the same configuration file as the AyaNova program so no further program installation steps are needed