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Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance: no more forgetting!


A tire shop called me the end of January:

“hey, I found a sticky note here that you wanted to replace your tires by last month, by December. We just found this note now. Sorry 'bout that.”

Earlier that month, one of my vehicle's old tires had blown out. I ended up buying new tires at a different shop, a shop that was closest to where the blow out happened, having forgotten I had looked at getting elsewhere.

That sticky note caused a number of losses for that shop.

  • That service company lost out on the sale of 4 tires.
  • That service company lost out on the labor charges to install those tires.
  • And they have lost me as a future customer, as I'm quite happy now with the tires and service I did get from the other shop that happened to be closest to where my tire blew.

Every person forgets once in a while. Your customer may not remember. You may not remember. So let AyaNova remember for you!

AyaNova’s Preventative Maintenance (also abbreviated as PM) feature provides you with the ability to create a PM once in AyaNova, and AyaNova will automatically generate a service workorder based on what you set in that PM, and will continue to generate for every period upcoming, as needed.

You can edit at any time, and you can have any number of PMs for any number of clients.

In the PM itself, you identify how far in advance of the next service to generate the service workorder (i.e. perhaps you like having the service workorder generated two weeks before the service is due, so you have time to order in specific parts, contact the client if needed, etc), and identify how often to reoccur (i.e. service needed every 6 months).

Everything you enter in a PM is “copied” over to the newly generated service workorder – details of the service to provide, the unit(s) to service, parts to use, etc – so there is no accidentally forgetting to include some detail.

Andrew Marder’s blog on preventative maintenance touches on three steps:

  1. take an inventory of what would need service
  2. get assets ready for maintenance – i.e. identify what needs fixing now, and identify manufacturer’s recommendations for schedule
  3. set up in your software creating your PMs for each service needed

Start using AyaNova’s Preventative Maintenance feature today so there is no forgetting by your customer or you to provide the service – resulting in increased service revenue and customer satisfaction!