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Mobile, Service management

Should your data be local or on a cloud?


Losing access to the internet is not just an inconvenience but can cost your company in productivity, in revenue and result in unhappy customers.

No access can mean delays in servicing your customers in a timely manner.

A study from Aberdeen and Dyn as reported by found that 60 percent of organizations estimated that the cost of just one minute of downtime averaged over $1,000

Having all your data on a cloud requires constant access via the internet.

Whereas with AyaNova, all your data is in YOUR AyaNova database, which for majority of companies using AyaNova, is located right within YOUR own internal LAN – no worries when there is a internet disruption!

If you commonly experience disruptions in your internet connection, the suggestion is to print out dispatch reports of the service workorders scheduled for that day, that includes printing out the details the tech needs to perform the service (which company, contact information, what equipment to be serviced, what specific service needed, parts needed, etc etc).

See your AyaNova online Help documentation for step by step tutorials on this or contact us for specific suggestions for your company!