Keep your customers by keeping them informed

customerhappy150 66% of customers switch  due to poor customer service (Accenture)

Many aspects make up great customer service.

The most basic and easiest to provide, but unfortunately the most overlooked is: keep your customer informed.

I’m not talking about documenting every single detail of what service  you provided, how you provided, what tools you used.

I am  just talking about letting your customer know about that which affects the customer!

Here’s an example of what I encountered:

I had ordered a part from a company, and was given a date when would be delivered by.
The date came and went. No part. And no contact from the company.
Few more days went by. Still no part. Still no contact from the company.
At this point, I am assuming that the company has forgotten about me and my part.

Yes, I could contact the company and inquire as to whats going on.

But I don’t.

Instead I go elsewhere.

A customer is 4 times more likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service related vs. price or product related. (Bain & Co.)

  • If your customer contacts you (via email/online/voice message), let your customer know you received!
  • If a change happens to any aspect of what you and your customer have agreed to ( such as a date when a part is expected or when service is to be scheduled) let your customer know!

You worked hard to get your customers. Keep your customers by keeping them informed.

Take advantage of AyaNova’s proactive customer service features that will help you keep your customers informed:

When your AyaNova clients requests service via your WBI optional web application (and coming soon to the optional web application RI too!),  you and your staff can be automatically notified so there is no delay in responding to the client.

Your AyaNova client can be automatically notified via email when specific events occur, such as when there is a change to the status of workorder whether it be that parts are on order, or that parts have been received.

With the optional add-on WBI Client web application (and the RI Client web application coming soon!), your clients can log in at their convenience to request service, and view the status of those requests, and view the details of their workorders.

Use these effective features of AyaNova to keep your customers informed, to keep your customers happy, to keep your customers!