Having multiple workorders viewable at the same time

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Having multiple workorders viewable at the same time

With AyaNova, you can open multiple workorder entry screens in the same instance of the AyaNova program.


For example, if you open workorder #44 and minimize; you can also open workorder #56. Both workorder entry screens will show on your task bar on your Windows desktop, and can be selected as needed to view and edit




Use the Refresh menu option Refresh1 on the grid to see the latest details of new or edited workorders.



If you attempt to close AyaNova from the main form and any of the open work order forms have unsaved changes, the work order form with the unsaved changes will be brought to the front so you can save, or close that form without saving, before you can then close the main AyaNova application window.


If there are open workorder forms but they do not have any unsaved changes then closing the main AyaNova form will automatically close the open workorder forms as well.



Workorder forms appear in the task bar but are not separate applications so the Windows features for tiling, stacking or side by side view (right click on task bar) open windows etc do not apply to work order forms, however minimize all and maximize all do work.