Erase the AyaNova database

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Erase the AyaNova database




When you run the AyaNovaSetup.exe file, the AyaNova program files are installed AND a sample database with sample data already entered so your trial of AyaNova is not just a blank slate, and you can get an overview of how to use by reviewing the data already entered along with the information and tutorials in the manual.


We strongly recommend that you keep that sample data while first familiarizing yourself with AyaNova as you follow along with the tutorials


The following are not erased:


oExisting licenses - any Activation Key licenses previously applied are maintained in the database

oGlobal Settings

oDefault AyaNova Administrator user - login username and password are not changed from when the Erase steps are performed

oDefault AyaNova Administrator security group

oTax Codes


oDefault warehouse

oLocalized Text - any custom locales will not be lost when you erase

oExisting report templates - any changes or customizations you made will still be there after you erase

oWorkorder starting number will be +1 of last entered workorder number




Once you have followed along with the tutorials and familiarized yourself with every feature using the sample data,  and now are ready to wipe the sample data and get started, perform the following steps to erase:




1.Ensure all users, including yourself are not logged into AyaNova or accessing the AyaNova database in any way.


2.Be physically at the same computer where the AyaNova database resides: Do not be logged into the computer via remote access


3.Log into AyaNova as the AyaNova Administrator


Default username is manager with password letmein if you have not yet changed it

You can not erase the database as any other user, even a user who is a member of the AyaNova Administrators group

This is also why strongly recommend you edit the default username and password of the AyaNova Administrator once you have licensed AyaNova to protect your database from accidental or malicious acts


6. Select the menu option Help -> License from the main menu bar



7. Select the menu option Erase Entire AyaNova Database


8. Select YES to proceed if this is what you wish


9. Allow the process to complete without interruption. AyaNova will close


10. Run AyaNova again, and log in as the AyaNova Administrator


11. You will now want to enter Global Settings, part warehouses, dispatch zones, security groups, users, rates, contracts, clients, unit models, units and other objects that you will use in AyaNova - review the Suggested Order of Setting Up AyaNova Once Licensed.


Your first workorder number will default to +1 of the last workorder number before you deleted the database. It is not possible to restart at number 1 even though all data is deleted.