AyaNova computer requirements

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AyaNova computer requirements


Minimum AyaNova desktop program requirements:


Windows operating system XP and newer with latest service packs from Microsoft applied

Latest Microsoft .Net Framework 4.x pre-installed with all service packs applied


Yes, AyaNova will run on older operating systems such as Windows XP SP3 as well as on the latest operating systems (i.e. Windows 10,  Windows Server 2012, etc)

The AyaNova installation will check your computer to see that you do have .NET 4 installed.

You can also download and install the latest Microsoft.NET Framework 4 via your Windows Update



AyaNova minimum hardware requirements:


1GHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU with 500MB RAM or higher


oThe above is minimum hardware requirements. What this means is, your AyaNova will always run faster on a faster computer (more memory, higher processor, etc).

oAyaNova is hardware scalable - performance is directly related to the performance of the computer where the AyaNova database is.  Obviously a faster computer is going to be able to respond more quickly.

oIf you are encountering any perceived slowness in running AyaNova, it may be time to update your hardware or purchase a newer computer.



AyaNova networking requirements:


If configuring for network use, refer to the appropriate Help topic for the type of database server configuration you will be using - network Firebird SuperServer 2, network SQL Express 2005 and higher or network SQL Server 2008 and higher


Note: The AyaNova database may be configured for use on a Linux server using the Linux Firebird 2.1.1 SuperServer from http://firebirdsql.org



Backup Hardware


Backing up your data properly is very important.  In the event of database corruption, hardware failure, fire, theft or disaster it will enable you to get up and running again quickly.


Refer to the Help topic on backup and restore if using the default stand-alone installation

Refer to the Help topic on backup and restore if using the network Firebird 2 configuration

Refer to the Help topic on backup and restore if using the network SQL Express or SQL configuration