Global Settings

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Global Settings

Global Settings is where you set default and global settings.


Global Settings is accessed via the Administration navigation pane



Edited Global Settings won't be in effect until after you Save, exit out of AyaNova Lite and run AyaNova Lite again.



Business Settings

Display Settings

Language Settings



Business Settings




Default service sales tax

Sales tax used by default for services on workorders. Select an existing created Tax Code that you want to default for labor selected in a workorder. Note you can still change in the workorder.


Default parts sales tax

Sales tax used by default for parts on workorders. Select an existing created Tax Code that you want to default for  parts selected in a workorder. Note you can still change in the workorder.




Scheduled / Labor Default Minutes

Enter in minutes the default time span for a Start and Stop Date/Time for Labor and for Scheduled in a workorder.


For example, if you enter in 90, that means if you enter in a Start Date/Time for Labor of 9:00AM the Stop Date/Time will automatically pre-enter 90 minutes later for you at 10:30AM to save typing time. You can of course still edit the Stop Date/Time.




Scheduled Default Time

Enter the default time you want the Scheduled to default to when created via the service workorder entry screen.

Leave empty if you want it to default to midnight

Do note a Scheduled User record will default to today's time if today's date is selected when creating the Scheduled user record, regardless of what you enter in this business setting.




Service workorders start number

You can enter whatever number you want here as the Service Workorder starting number. Do note that it must be greater than existing used numbers for Service Workorders. Once you have entered a number and saved, you can not enter a smaller number.


NOTE about starting numbers – when editing starting number for workorders, quotes, purchase orders or inventory adjustments, do be aware that the value displayed in the Global Settings screen is the existing highest existing number for that table.


Even if you edit the Global Settings starting number, until you make a new workorder, po, quote etc, the highest existing number is still the same as it was previously in the record.


So if you edit the starting number – you need to make at minimum one new workorder or new quote, etc to actually “set” the new starting number as the highest existing number.




Company Info


NOTE: These are not tied into any reports or other information


Some properties are further expandable to edit additional aspects of the property, such as Physical Address and Postal Address. Click on the + sign on the left hand side to expand the property so it can be viewed completely as well as edited.



Display Settings



Coordinate default latitude hemisphere


Coordinate default longitude hemisphere


Coordinate display style

Determines how geographic co-ordinates are displayed


Part display format

Sets the format for how parts are displayed for selection. For example the display may be changed from Number – Name – Manufacturer to display instead as Assembly – Number – Name.


User name display format

Determines the format of how your schedulable user displays in screens and on reports.


Workorder Item Summary Template

This determines what information from a service workorder item will display on the Schedule screen.


See also:

Workorder Item Summary Template tags

How do I edit the Workorder Item Summary Template Editor for popup on the Schedule Screen?



Language Settings



Default language

Language that all localized labels will be set to.

AyaNova includes sample English, Spanish, French and German locales

See also:

Localized Text Designer


Use CJK Index

Only set to TRUE if entry of Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters into fields and labels. TRUE uses intensive indexing features not required by other languages that can affect performance.