Outlook Schedule export installation

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Outlook Schedule export installation

OutlookSchedule plug-in installation:


1. Download the Outlook Schedule Export setup file from the Downloads web page


2. Install by running the setup file


The OutlookSchedule plug-in files will be installed to this computer in the C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova\plugins\OutlookSchedule folder


3. A OutlookSchedule database license is required


You can check to see if licensed by logging in as the AyaNova Administrator, select Help -> License

Help1 HelpLicense2


If you would like to test this plug-in, include in your email request to support@ayanova.com the text from your Help -> License


Only one license is needed for your database.


4. Outlook may pop up an annoying security notice when you import


To allow OutlookSchedule to import, just checkmark the Allow Access and click on OK



MAPILab creates the free utility Advanced Security for Outlook at http://www.mapilab.com/outlook/security/ that once installed will mean you won't have to do this every time.


Download the outlook_security.zip file from MAPILab or from the AyaNova Downloads web page

Extract the setup file and release notes from the zip file

Install the setup file and the second time you run the AyaNova OutlookSchedule, set to always allow access